The Matchmaker Thesis

Everyone has their coffee. Their perfect coffee. The one they can drink that’ll get their day started right A good cup of coffee has that mood-changing-power.

We want to help find that coffee for you.

After 5 years of running The Roasters Pack (the coffee subscription that shares with you 3 different coffees every month) we heard from people time and time again something along the lines of this:

“We love the pack, but now we know what types of coffees we like. Can you send us coffees like that from now on?”

The answer? Absolutely.

The key to enjoying a cup of coffee comes down to you! Every person has their own unique preferences. That’s what Matchmaker Coffee is all about. We’ll send you freshly roasted coffee that is perfect for you. Matchmade for you.

Roasted here in Toronto, we’re passionate about making the perfect coffee for you. And doing it in a way that we’re proud of. That means we’ll guarantee a few things:

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Tailored & Roasted for You

Because we care about freshness, we send your beans right after they've been roasted.

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Sourced Ethically

We’re making sure the coffee producer is being paid properly for their work.

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Has the Environment in Mind

The bags are recyclable, we roast the coffee on one of the most efficient coffee roasters and use Bullfrog Energy at our facility.

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Giving Back

Each pound of coffee sold = a meal donated to the food bank.

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Reasonably Priced!

On our subscription, each cup costs you less than 50 cents per cup. That’s important to us!