Helping the fight against COVID-19

All Proceeds from Matchmaker Coffee in March will be donated to help the fight against COVID-19:

All of the proceeds from Matchmaker Coffee during the month of March will be donated to two charities:

The Sunnybrook Hospital.

We’ve decided to donate 50% of all profits in March to the Sunnybrook Foundation as their hospital is where many of the Ontario COVID patients are being admitted to. Above and beyond, their research team has clearly been leading the way – helping to isolate the virus getting us closer to a vaccine.

You can donate here:

The Food Bank

Also, a result of the virus, part of the solution is asking for people to stay home. However, for a large portion of Canada, that impacts their job, their livelihood or their small business. Rent needs to be paid, and food needs to be put on the table. So we’re upping our partnership with the Food Bank, and that’s where the other 50% of our profits are going to.

You can donate here:

We want to do our part to help with the fight against COVID-19 and hopefully we can get through this together. This is the time to support one another.

Wash your hands (often). Practice “social distancing”. Follow the guidance of our health professionals and be nice to one another.


For us, at our facility, we’ve implemented enhanced sanitization protocols, we’re closely monitoring of the health of our team, have canceled any non-essential travel (Brandon  - I know that trip to Guatemala was going to be awesome – we’ll get you down there another time), and restricted access to our production areas. We’re frequently sanitizing and enacting preventative measures.

Above and beyond that, we’re going to get through this.

Much love,

Suneal Pabari & Adam Frank of Matchmaker Coffee